2016 general election turnout compared to 2008 & 2012

Senator Bernie Sanders warned the world of a potential Trump presidency in August of 2015 when he espoused the importance of building a movement within the Democratic Party instead of relying on politics as usual. In his usual foresight, Senator Sanders was correct. As a result, we are calling for Democrats to step back and take a hard look at ourselves and our party.

As the chart above shows, Democrat turnout was down by nearly 7 million votes from the last general election, while Republican turnout was actually down by nearly 3 million votes. We were handed the gift of the worst Republican candidate of all time to run against. By all measures, this election was ours to win. And yet… we are now looking at 4 years of President Trump.

The time for robust conversation has come and gone. It is now time for robust action – and it is time for the Democratic Establishment all over the country to step back and let the Progressives take control. We made it clear from the beginning that this is a change election, and history proves change candidates win change elections. Bernie Sanders was our change candidate, and even now polls are showing that Bernie would have likely beat Trump by a healthy margin. We are not interested in saying “I told you so” – but we are invested in making sure this does not happen again.

The polling in May 2016 suggested Bernie had a healthy double digit lead over Trump which continues higher now. Certainly these polls would have tightened, but it suggests an overall lack of understanding of the general populace and how the electorate is feeling by the Democratic Party. The progressive base made up 43% of the popular vote (not including IA, ME, NV, ND, WA, WY), and we are the grassroots activists who are the heart of the party. The time has come for our voices to matter – and it is time for superdelegates, billionaire donors and Wall Street to have no place in our party.

Ohio Revolution Endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Keith Ellison is a true progressive, the first Muslim-American elected to Congress and a champion for the Working Class. Ellison has 100% approval from NARAL, is pro gay-rights, co-sponsored a bill with Dennis Kucinich to attempt to impeach VP Dick Cheney for war crimes, and was an early supporter and surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders in the primary, switching to Hillary Clinton in the general election. He is on the Committee on Financial Services, and has introduced legislation such as the Inclusive Property Act.

This is the type of leadership we need in the Democratic Party if we are ever to regain the votes of the working class in this country. It is not acceptable for us to see Democrats like Donna Brazile or Howard Dean in this important office. We strongly encourage the establishment to listen to our voice – we have proved ourselves worthy of consideration due to our foresight and our willingness to fight for the people. It’s our turn.

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