Senator Sanders is right when he tells us we need to do everything we can to stop Trump. When he says those words, I don’t hear “Vote for Clinton”. Stopping Trump isn’t just about the presidential election. Bernie always says it isn’t about one person or one election. The Revolution continues on all forms of government. And Trump has already been winning there.

Above is our Ohio House district map and you can see how gerrymandered it is. What is important about this is that Republicans have been dominating Democrats at this level of Government since 2010. For 6 years Trump’s policies have been passed unchecked. One example of this was Senate Bill 238.

Golden Week allowed people to register to vote and vote in the same week. Senate Bill 238 was passed by Republicans to end Golden Week. The Smith Report:

The Smith Report shows that eliminating EIP (Early in-person) voting has affected black voters in Ohio more than white voters. We cannot stand for this. We cannot let Republicans and Trump target minorities.

Ohio’s Revolution begins with these 6 candidates. All were strong Bernie supporters and stood for Bernie during the primary. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Courage to stand for what is right is what we need in the State House, and these candidates will do just that. On our candidate page, you can find links to donate to these candidates as well as their campaign pages. Unlike federal level candidates, State House candidates get virtually no financial support from the Democratic party. The Republicans and the Koch Brothers aren’t afraid to buy these elections and it is up to us to stop them.

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